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About Us

‘Fortune Internationals’ Ltd is an Indian Immigration Company specializing in immigration processes countries like Canada and other worldwide destinations which include, the USA, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and China.

We sincerely believe in the adage, “The journey is more important than the destination.” Hence, simply helping a student to go abroad to pursue his studies painting rosy pictures and glorifying greener pastures. We build bridges between the student-aspirants dream to study abroad; by helping him choose the right university or college, guide them through all the lengthy paperwork, counsel them equip them mentally to live and foster in a foreign land seeping in the melting pot of different cultures that he/she would come across.

We, at Fortune Internationals strive hard on creating a brand image that speaks volumes providing value based services to serve the students interested for studying aboard. We have earned a name for ourselves in the market to be one of the most dependable Consultants to undertake Immigration Services. We provide IELTS coaching and our team members have an unbeatable experience of dealing with students and we continuously update ourselves which help us adapting the changing market trends. This gives us a great platform to establish a relationship with you for conducting IELTS coaching.

What makes us leverage over others in the markets is that through our dedicated team members we provide personal support for students as well as help students in language schools and University representatives in Canada, and also look after students at their home countries.

While working with Fortune Internationals, they get an opportunity to represent their country, unearth experiences of dealing with various kinds of students, help aspirants fulfill and live his dream abroad be it Canada or other worldwide destination.


  • Giving students advice and guidance on the most relevant training and academic courses available in Canada and other countries.
  • Being fully informed about our partner institutions so as to ensure that students can make the best decisions for themselves be it studying in Canada or elsewhere.
  • Assisting aspirants with VISA applications, language training and clearly explaining all legal restrictions to students.
  • Attending to and holding student and representative fairs in Mumbai and the countries that we cater to.
  • Arranging suitable accommodation for students when necessary.
  • Giving advice and providing guidance about studying away from home and living in another country.
  • Ensuring that all schools and Universities are kept updated with progress on student applications.


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