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About Us - Who We Are

‘Fortune Internationals’ Ltd is an Indian Immigration Company specializing in immigration processes countries like Canada and other worldwide
destinations which include, the USA, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and China.

We sincerely believe in the adage, “The journey is more important than the destination.” Hence, simply helping a student to go abroad to pursue his studies painting rosy pictures and glorifying greener pastures. We build bridges between the student-aspirants dream to study abroad; by helping him choose the right university or college, guide them through all the lengthy paperwork, counsel them equip them mentally to live and foster in a foreign land seeping in the melting pot of different cultures that he/she would come across.


Canada, though a cold country has always been a hot destination for students wishing to pursue higher educational goals in some of the world’s highest rated quality education institutions. As for those seeking gainful employment opportunities, the Maple Leaf has never disappointed.


As the world has become one shrunken globe, it does not come as a surprise that English is the dominant business language connecting people across continents. It has become a doorway for people to unlocking global opportunities as well as entering the international workforce.


Singapore is among the few countries which offer a mixture of world class education, latest technology, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, warm and sunny all-round the year climate and a cosmopolitan culture. No wonder that over the course of time, Singapore, has carved a niche for itself...